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Writing is never something she thought she would do, or be good at. Growing up in an impoverished Bronx, NY in the 1990s presented numerous hardships for Valerie growing up. She moved from place to place to place, until settling in Harlem, NY at 14 years old. Coming this far, obtaining her college degree, then joining the military changed her life. Giving her the confidence to pursue writing–which isn’t something her family sees as a conventional job. 

With seven years of freelance film writing experience, Valerie has amassed an impressive journalist resume writing for: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Collider, Conde Nast, Harper’s Bazaar and many others.

As a Black, queer woman, and military veteran, her life experiences helped shape her writing and creativity. What she’s learned about movies through film journalism has been invaluable and propelled her to move on to screenwriting. Valerie is also signed to The Bent Agency with a two-book contract of action/adventure graphic novels.  As a lover of Japanese animation, comics, and all things film, Valerie aims to change the landscape of film and cinematic storytelling to add to the lack of voices from marginalized communities.

Please explore my website to learn more about what I do!

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