The Social Complexium waves the Black Flag.

We are an extension of the Black Flag Media Collective

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I am V. Complex, the creator of the Complexium. A queer woman whom is a survivor, freelance writer, and civil rights activist. I have a unique love of comic books, Japanese animation, and all things cinema. Served 8 years in the United States Air Force, but had to get out due to medical circumstances. Now I am free to preen my imagination and tell you what I’m really thinking.

But don’t get it mixed up. The complexium is a collective unit of kindred spirits along the same path, so expect post that cover an array of diverse topics. Nothing will be off limits here. Film, TV, Comics, Politics, Feminism, Culture and the like.  We are raw, and unadulterated, so if you’re looking for some cookie cutter shit, the exit is to the left and right of the building. The World is a complex place, lets talk about those complexities.

We are respectful and accepting of everyone. All bigots, racist, sexist, homophobics, TERFs, Abelist, Ageist garbage are not welcomed here. We are 100% no hate. We do not play. End of story.

There is something for everyone, yet, everyone may not enjoy it. That is completely fine by me.With that, enjoy all the complexium has to offer!

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